Please take a look through some of my testimonials from some of my favorite golfers!

“My wife knew that I wanted to improve my golf game by a few strokes.  I play weekly with my friends at Holmes Golf Course in the summer.  So my wife got me a 3 lesson series and some improvements.  It of course took some practice, but Mike not only gave me tips for my swing, but he was patient and even explained why I should make the swing change and what it would do to my ball flight.  He was patient and a great teacher.  Highly recommended.”

– Steve H.


“I used to play baseball in college and for anyone that know, the two swings do not mix.  I originally got 1 lesson from Mike and he gave me a few things to work on. I definitely saw some big improvements so I went back for a second lesson.  I will definitely be giving him a call the next time I need a lesson.

– Jason C.


“My boyfriend and I heard about Mike through a friend and we both wanted to get into golf a little more, so we made a date out of it.  He gave us some great advice and we had a blast at the same time.  He was also very nice and just charged us for one lesson even though there were two of us.”

– Blake and Kelly